Wills & Estate Planning

Intelligent planning brings the future into the present.

adults - mother daughterEvery family is unique. The challenges they face, the setbacks they endure, and the successes they achieve are exclusive to that particular family. The plans designed to protect them, their loved ones, and the fruits of their labor, should be as unique as the family they are crafted for.

Alford & Burkhart offers comprehensive Estate Planning services to families and individuals of all different backgrounds and means. The attorneys at Alford & Burkhart are passionate about advising clients on the basic levels of planning that all adults need (Will, Advance Directive for Health Care, and Durable Power of Attorney). Likewise, they are equally passionate and experienced in dealing with more complicated situations, such as those that arise for a family caring for a child or children with special needs (Special Needs Trusts), the particular needs of the elderly, or the complex income and estate tax issues (Trusts, Business Entity Formation, Asset Protection) faced by successful professionals and/or business owners.

Within this website, Alford & Burkhart provides basic information on a number of estate planning topics. This information is not a substitute for the knowledge and experience of an attorney versed in this area of the law. Unfortunately, the attorneys of Alford & Burkhart have too often seen how improper planning, driven by fill in the blank websites, non-attorneys, or attorneys that do not focus their practice on estate planning, can negatively impact families that are already dealing with the loss of a loved one. If you’re worried that your old plan might fall into this category or your family doesn’t currently have a plan in place, come in for a check up, and we promise that if your plan has a clean bill of health we’ll happily let you know.

Our Approach

When your family chooses Alford & Burkhart for Estate Planning, you aren’t funneled off to a paralegal or legal assistant.  You and your family receive one-on-one attention and the personal involvement of an attorney well-versed and experienced in all levels of estate planning.  This attention is what your family deserves. Whatever your family’s goals might be, our attorneys will help create a plan that utilizes the proper tools to achieve those aspirations.

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